Prepaid electricity meters solve a very real problem for landlords, managing agents, developers and body corporates. One simple box makes sure that the property owner isn’t left responsible for a massive electricity bill should a tenant ever leave without paying.

For over eight years Citiq Prepaid has partnered with electricians to install sub-metering systems into buildings. With a long track record of reliable products, available support and innovative market leading tech Citiq Prepaid is the easy choice.

Why electrical contractors from all 9 provinces choose Citiq:

  • Quality products that work
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Informed call centre available 7 days a week to offer immediate and practical support
  • Largest local payment and collection footprint
  • Over 170,000 active meters and fastest growing sub-metering business in South Africa

Now, we are adding an online portal to make that choice even easier for clients and installers.

After talking to its customers, Citiq Prepaid realised that it could add value beyond the simple ‘no units – no electricity’’ functionality of the box. “Our online Meter Management Portal gives owners, managers and  developers immediate and ongoing access to purchasing information and the ability administer their meters,” says Franze.

“As far as we know, Citiq Prepaid is the first prepaid meter provider that gives this level transaction and administrative access via the web. Property owners can see their full meter portfolio, drill down into the details of specific buildings or individual meters and have an immediate sense of the state of their buildings’ electricity transactions,” says Franze.

Why property owners love the Meter Management Portal

  • Detailed reports on high and low consumption
  • Reports per property, per building and per meter
  • Transaction report
  • Remote management of costs

“Essentially we are giving as much meter data as the system collects to the property owners so that have a complete view of their properties and able to make more informed building utility decisions.”

Tenants also benefit from the portal. They are able to access their personal meter data and get a clear understanding of usage. “Our aim has always been to be the most reliable, easiest and convenient way to access, control and provide electricity,” says Franze.

Citiq Prepaid is a completely South African business that was created to meet the needs of the property market. “We really get this space,” says Franze. “We don’t sell direct and are here to work with electricians to put in meter technology that works and keeps on working. Our system, from the box to the portal, is designed to give everyone, from landlord to tenant, exactly what they need to manage their power.”

If you want to know more about our meters, online Meter Management Portal and installation support service for contractors go to or call us on 087 55 111 55.

First published in the ECA Magazine May / June 2018 issue.