Reputable electrical companies that can provide solid and compliant services to organisations and individuals in South Africa are sorely needed across the country. In fact, the national list of occupations in high demand as released by the Department of Higher Education and Training puts the electrician in the top ten. For the savvy entrepreneur looking to build a business in this popular market, there has never been a better time to catch hold of the opportunity.

However, starting your own business can be a mixed bag of nerves and excitement. The paperwork, the need to build your own clientele from scratch, the lessons that have to be learned – these can be quite daunting when you first step out onto the entrepreneurial road. But there is no reason why you have to walk this road alone, especially when embarking on a career in the thriving sub-metering industry. There are organisations like Citiq Prepaid that are looking to partner with inspirational people who are ready to strike out and take a chance.

“After doing a lot of research into solutions and the market, I realised that we should focus on the sub-metering industry,” says Tebogo Mabena, Co-Founder of Go Go Green Electrical. “My partner wasn’t sure about it, but then we were offered the opportunity to pitch on a really impressive project in Sandton and it relied on sub-metering as part of its scope. This led us to investigate the different options on the market and we ended up choosing Citiq Prepaid.”

For Mabena, Citiq Prepaid was a company that was interested in helping Go Go Green Electrical grow. The team at Citiq Prepaid got personally involved with the business and worked with Tebogo and his partner to bring in more customers, build a solid market reputation, and establish a sustainable business foundation.

“They even offered to brand our bakkie for us and this has brought in a lot of customers,” concludes Mabena. “They have provided us with marketing materials, worked with us in engaging with our clients, and given us constant support when we’ve needed it. We can even call them when there is a problem with an installation and get fast and efficient help – no waiting for hours or days until the problem is resolved. It has made such a difference to our company and our growth, and how we engage with our customers.”

Citiq Prepaid prides itself on building long-term relationships with its electrical contractors, helping them grow, learn new skills and find new markets. This commitment is further enhanced by the loyalty rewards offered by the Citiq Installation Club (CIC) and the highly personalised support. And it’s as easy to join as picking up the phone…

This article was published in ECASA

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