Quality solutions need to keep both the tenant and the landlord in mind 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines quality as a ‘degree of excellence’ and ‘superiority in kind’. It’s a word that can be used to not only define how well a product is designed and developed, but also how well it performs and meets expectations. It can also be used to describe the relationship between a tenant and their landlord. A quality relationship is one that’s distinguished by good connections and ongoing collaboration. This word should also be used to define the investments that a property makes into solutions that improve tenant services and landlord relationships. 

“Prepaid meters are a reliable way of ensuring that one part of any property is always managed seamlessly,” says Michael Franze, Managing Director at Citiq Prepaid. “If the property invests into quality sub-metering solutions that are provided by a reputable company, then they are investing into solutions that will deliver value to tenants. This is, of course, the other side of the quality equation – value.” 

Value is not just a return on investment or getting a great deal, it’s also the ability to add value to a relationship. Tenants appreciate being in control of their own utility usage and spend. They know that the costs are their own and that they aren’t going to receive a sudden and unexpectedly large bill. Many properties have to split utility usage pro rata across multiple tenants because the municipality only gives them one meter. This can cause conflict as tenants argue over huge shared bills that lack transparency. 

“Property owners and landlords can use sub-metering solutions to deliver tangible value to their customers,” says Franze. “By partnering with Citiq Prepaid and our network of quality electrical contractors, they can invest into a sub-metering installation that delivers value for money and uses quality equipment.” 

Citiq Prepaid meters have been developed with quality and longevity in mind. Their rugged design assure the tenant and the landlord of absolute reliability – ensuring that utilities are managed and delivered accurately. The software that sits behind the hardware has been developed in-house by Citiq Prepaid and is consistently evolving and adapting to what the market needs. Using the Citiq Prepaid system, tenants can track their daily usage and landlords can use the online portal to manage accounts accurately. 

“With seamless billing, high quality kit, and superb service, the Citiq Prepaid sub-metering platform delivers value,” concludes Franze. “We are committed to ensuring that quality and value are the key words associated with us and our industry.”

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