Want to get more from your electrical contractor career? Want to work with a partner that gets your market and your needs?

Electrical contractors have to be prepared for any project and they have to maintain exceptional standards of quality and customer service. Their role is to always be on point and to provide customers with ongoing support and expertise. It’s not the easiest job. When the electrician comes in, there’s often a problem that they have to solve. A problem that people don’t want and definitely don’t need. It can be challenging but it can also be immensely rewarding. 

Working with people and providing them with long-term solutions to their short-term problems can make the job worthwhile, especially when you can offer insight and guidance that will help them bypass these problems in the future. One such problem is managing electricity costs and conflicts. Over the past few years, more and more electrical experts have added sub-metering solutions to their contractor toolkit. These solutions have become increasingly popular because they help people overcome some of the most frustrating challenges that surround power and utility management. 

“People don’t want to have to share their bills with the neighbour, admin teams don’t want to have to soothe ruffled feathers every time the bill is late or extremely high,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “What they do want is an efficient solution to an ongoing problem. Which is why sub-metering installations have become such a powerful skill for electrical contractors to have. They can expand into new markets that desperately need better support.” 

That said, electrical contractors also need support. They want to know that the products they use, the companies they partner with, and the solutions they offer, are robust and reliable. They also want to work with companies that pay attention to their needs and the ways in which they want to be recognised and rewarded. 

“There are very few loyalty programs that financially reward every partner at every level of the supply chain, but the Citiq Installation Club (CIC) does just that,” says Scheepers. “It’s designed to recognise the hard work that the electrical contractor puts into their job, every single day. It also provides financial rewards to contractors through a points system – once they get 20 points, they receive a R500 voucher to spend at their preferred wholesaler or retailer.” 

Citiq Prepaid has also paid attention to its processes and systems over the past ten years to ensure that contractors who partner with the company are provided with relevant information, support and products. Citiq Prepaid’s meters are well-designed and robust, assuring contractors of their value for money and durability. This quality promise is further backed up by the two call centres that can provide contractors with information and support, or form part of their customer package – they can assure customers that they will receive reliable support for their prepaid meters. 

In addition to providing ongoing support for your customers, we have also developed a richly featured online portal that allows for customers to access their meter information and manage consumption and payments on demand,” concludes Scheepers. “We empower our contractors by integrating a variety of services into our prepaid solution to ensure convenience and reliability for everyone.”

This article was published in ECASA

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