We take for granted nature’s most precious resource that forms a part of almost everything we do. The modern-day luxury of clean, running water makes it easy to forget the value of it and makes us feel like water will always be as freely and readily available as it is today. However, the water crisis in South Africa is far from over. According to Dr. Hlamulo Makelane, a research fellow at Nelson Mandela University, South Africa is approaching physical water scarcity by 2025

At first, this might seem strange – if 70% of our planet is water, why are we experiencing water shortages like the Cape Town water crisis? It’s easy to forget that only 3% of our planet’s water is ‘freshwater’ which is safe for consumption. South Africa has been dealing with severe drought and water shortages since 2015 – which in turn led to some areas going without access to running water for weeks. Saving and conserving water has become more important than ever, and by reducing your water consumption you’re not only saving the planet but you’re also saving on your water bill (which, in this tough economic climate, doesn’t hurt either).

Learning how to control usage goes a long way in changing the mindset about water conservation in South Africa. However, it can be difficult to judge and control your water usage without a water meter. Prepaid water sub-meters enable you to be more mindful of your water usage and make necessary lifestyle changes accordingly. If you’re conscious of your water usage then you deserve to control how much water you use and prepaid water sub-meters can help achieve this. 

What is a prepaid water meter?

A prepaid water sub-meter enables tenants to buy water upfront on a pay-as-you-go basis. It can be installed in any sub-let property including backyard rentals, sectional title schemes, rental properties, student accommodation and even vacation rentals. When tokens are purchased and loaded, the water management device is instructed to allow a certain amount of water through the meter before closing. It’s useful for tenants to have more awareness and control over their water consumption, landlords are able to prevent a situation whereby the tenant disputes their water bill, it reduces the admin of late and non-payment of water bills and is a cost-effective solution to sustainable water management. Water meters are even more vital in countries like South Africa whereby controlling water usage goes a long way in preserving Earth’s most precious resource. 

Benefits of prepaid water meters for water conservation

  • Prepaid water sub-meters give consumers the opportunity to monitor their consumption and react immediately to possible leaks, thereby reducing water wastage and saving them money. Citiq Prepaid water meters come with leak detectors that alert you to any leaks on your property, thereby preventing unnecessary water wastage. 
  • It can be difficult to judge your water usage. Especially if you own a pool, farm, or garden and use relatively large amounts of water daily. By being able to keep track of your water balance, you’re able to see when something is taking up too much water, and avoid a nasty surprise of a huge water bill at the end of the month. Through Citiq Prepaid water meters, tenants always have an idea of what their remaining balance is since it’s displayed clearly on the keypad screen. This helps them avoid nasty surprises and allows them to be more mindful of consumption. 
  • If tenants refuse to pay because they disagree with the way the billing was handled, or if property owners are held liable for a huge water leak that went undetected, it adds a lot of financial pressure. Not to mention people can be less mindful of usage when they don’t intend to be held accountable. This is why prepaid sub-meters are proving invaluable tools for landlords and property owners across the country – they are reliable while reducing bill discrepancies which in turn holds people accountable for their water consumption. 
  • Owners can log in to the online meter management portal and see which tenants are the highest water users. In estates, prepaid sub-meters allow landlords to subdivide the water they are getting from the municipality to the different tenants.  They also have access to accurate readings, and transparent, extensive reports. This complete control of water measurement is the best means available to actively lower consumption.

Citiq Prepaid water sub-meters make it easy for property owners and tenants to be more aware of their water usage. This allows them to take control of their water usage and make the lifestyle changes necessary to play their part in conserving Earth’s most precious resource. Citiq Prepaid water sub-meters are perfectly suited for whenever the monitoring and management of water usage could come in handy. Take control of your water consumption today by installing a Citiq Prepaid water sub-meter.

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