Being able to easily purchase tokens and recharge their meters is arguably the most important thing for people using prepaid meters. It’s something they could potentially be doing several times a month and they want it to be as easy and convenient as possible. By enabling recharging to be simple and easy, we want the users of meters to love prepaid. Previously tenants were not given many options on how to purchase tokens, but innovation in the prepaid management space has changed that.

Tenants now have more options than ever before to top up their prepaid meters. Purchasing tokens online and through mobile banking apps is becoming increasingly popular. Tokens can be purchased in a few simple steps at any time of the day. Family members and friends can also purchase tokens for someone else, which is a great solution when you’re on holiday or travelling for work. Prior to smartphones, the only option a tenant would have had was to visit a retail store, which was also dependent on their operating hours. The innovation in the prepaid management space has also enabled tokens to be purchased from other channels such as directly from the Citiq Prepaid website (only for tenants using Citiq Prepaid meters of course). There can be substantial convenience benefits for tenants from these online methods, including the freedom to top up round the clock, as well as avoiding journeys to payment locations or long queues during peak times.

Apart from being able to easily top up meters, providing tenants and landlords with a portal to access data is another innovation in the prepaid management space. Through an online management portal, property owners can see their full meter portfolio, drill down into the details of specific buildings or individual meters and have an immediate sense of the state of their buildings’ electricity transactions. Tenants also benefit from the portal. They are able to access their personal meter data and get a clear understanding of water or electricity purchase history and past tokens, online.

At Citiq Prepaid, we are constantly working on providing innovative ways to improve the lives of our customers.