…through the online Citiq Prepaid Electricity Meter Management System

One of the biggest challenges of recovering the cost of water and electricity each month is the risk and tension of unpaid bills. Citiq Prepaid solves a very real problem for property owners by enabling them to recover the full cost of all utilities, including electricity and water used to service shared areas such as communal toilets, lifts or corridor lighting.

The Citiq Prepaid Meter Management System provides landlords and property owners with a wide range of features, including easier access to purchase transaction data and reports. Most meter management systems are quite restrictive not only in the data you can check, but what device you can use to draw reports.

With our meter management system, Landlords can now log in to the easy-to-use system and download statements, manage buildings and meters, and view payment history and tariff details online, from any device and at any given time. Having an innovative online system such as this enables landlords and tenants to conveniently track and efficiently manage water and electricity consumption.

Why property owners love the Meter Management Portal

  • Detailed reports on low consumption
  • Reports per property, per building and per meter
  • Transaction reports
  • Remote management of costs

A quick overview of the sections:

  • Buildings: Manage information, see tariff details, retrieve tokens, view linked meters per unit, view, add and edit tenant details
  • Payments: View payment details
  • Meters: View meter number(s) and meter type(s) per building
  • Reports: Download a variety of reports: from building statements to low consumption reports.

The Meter Management System provides property owners with a more complete view of their properties’ utility consumption, enabling them to make more informed building utility decisions.

Citiq Prepaid continues to strive to be the most reliable, easiest and convenient way to access, control and provide electricity.

Tenants also benefit from the system. They are able to purchase prepaid electricity or water online, view tariff details and access the last 5 tokens bought. Tenants can sign up online at https://www.citiqprepaid.co.za/sign-up/ with a valid Citiq Prepaid meter number.

For owners to get access to the meter management system, give our friendly call centre a call on 087 55 111 55.

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