Joseph Moyane leapt into the electrician business because he loves the freedom it gives him to work on his own time and to choose who he wants to work with. He thoroughly enjoys his job installing prepaid meters for his clients and is one of Citiq Prepaid’s top installers thanks to his passion for the product and his impressive sales. 

“I really enjoy working with prepaid sub-meters because they make it easy to help my customers,” says Joseph. “With reliable sub-metering solutions, my customers are assured of good quality and they don’t complain about problems which means that I can grow my business.” 

Joseph has a preferred prepaid sub-metering solutions provider – Citiq Prepaid. And his reason is very simple: “Oh, I love working with Citiq Prepaid and even my clients love them because they’re good quality, they last a long time, and they are tough,” he says. 

Joseph enjoys installing prepaid sub-meters because he gets to work with different types of people and he gets to feel the satisfaction of a job well done. He also loves the job itself – it’s one that he feels gives him a sense of reliability and stability in his business and his life. 

“I believe that I can grow this business now, and move into new areas and support new customers,” he says. “I help people install prepaid meters, explain how they work, show people what can go wrong, and help them to make their homes better. All this makes me feel like I am helping people and giving them good advice.” 

Joseph makes a point of sticking with his customers until every last part of the installation process has been completed. He explains how the prepaid sub-meters work, he helps them register, and he takes it slow, showing people that he cares. 

“I believe that if you care for your customers, then you’ll get more work,” he concludes. “So, for me, this means that I only use quality prepaid sub-meters, always do the right thing, and I am nice to people. I’m never cross and I always go the extra mile.” 

For anyone looking to embark on a career in prepaid sub-metering, Joseph recommends that they make sure they support the customer, use a quality prepaid sub-meter, and ensure that they do everything they can to make sure that they build trust. This is key for a successful future with a happy client base.