Samuel Sibusiso is the founder of QSS, a company that specialises in the installation of prepaid sub-meters. Samuel provides a full-service offering, guiding his clients through the prepaid sub-metering process from installation to registration to troubleshooting any problems. After spending many years working with different prepaid sub-metering solutions, he has finally settled on Citiq Prepaid as his preferred supplier and company thanks to the service, the quality and the experience for his customers. According to Samuel, quality service needs quality solutions. 

“I had a lot of complaints from my clients about the prepaid sub-meters I used to use, they weren’t happy with the service and registration was complicated and tedious,” he explains. “They would spend hours on the phone, waiting for someone to help them set up and register their meter, it was really poor service. So, after I got so many complaints, I decided to try Citiq Prepaid.” 

For Samuel, the move was a complete transformation of his experiences. His clients went from confused, frustrated and fed up to happy and connected. As he explains it, “Now I can sit down with a client when they have a problem, contact Citiq Prepaid, and the call centre explains everything to them – how to cancel, how the cashback system works, how the benefits work, and how the system works.” 

For Samuel, this is a significant value-add, to his business and his customers. Part of his service is to sit with his customers and help them through the set-up process so the super-fast service makes a big difference to his time, and that of his customers. 

Saving time, saving money

“Sometimes my job is just to install the meters, but other times I help my customers through every part of the process,” he adds. “This is one of the reasons why my business is growing – my full-service offering. You see, the problem is that people buy prepaid sub-meters and, because they need help, other people steal from them by putting their own account numbers on the system. With me and Citiq Prepaid, customers know that the process is transparent and honest.” 

Samuel sits with his customers with the phone on loudspeaker and goes through the entire registration with everyone listening in. It reassures his customers significantly, and the reduced waiting times at the Citiq Prepaid call centre means less hassle for him and his customers. 

“Honestly, it’s so quick – registration with Citiq Prepaid is as simple as filling in the form and making the call, and this takes maybe ten minutes,” he says. “They help me every step of the way. Before, when I worked with the other company, I was always disappointed. Nobody would answer my calls. Now, even after a device has been registered, Citiq Prepaid still takes my calls, fast.” 

Another big benefit for Samuel is the reduction in fraud and risk. Citiq Prepaid meters are difficult to tamper with so they can’t be easily opened and manipulated, which really makes a difference to his clients that have tenants. 

“To actively change anything on a Citiq Prepaid sub-meter you need a tamper code, so this is even more protection for my clients,” he says. “For me, this is such a great value-add. Tampered meters don’t work properly, cost people more money and can really hurt the wrong people. The fact that Citiq Prepaid has put so much effort into protecting these meters and their customers is important.” 

Samuel is using his relationship with Citiq Prepaid to bolster his business and help his customers make better sense of their utility usage. He believes that the transparency offered by Citiq Prepaid helps him be even more transparent and proactive with his customers. 

“Prepaid sub-meters save my clients money, help them to manage their electricity better, and keep them in control. I love being able to help people and show them how they can use these prepaid sub-meters to transform their lives and budgets. Citiq Prepaid just works,” concludes Samuel.

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