Vicky Mkuku is the owner of Victor Electrical and is considered one of Citiq Prepaid’s top installers. His commitment to his customers and his business shines through in his hard work and his passion for doing his job to the best of his abilities. When asked what inspired him to start his own business, Vicky said: “I started this company two years ago because I wanted to make a living doing what I enjoyed, and because I wanted to make enough money to support my life.” 

For Vicky, the prepaid market is the perfect space for his business. He finds that prepaid meters are the most reliable way of ensuring that people pay for the power that they use without putting themselves at risk of fraud or spending more money than they have. 

“Many of my customers like to use prepaid meters because their tenants pay for the electricity they use upfront,” he says. “They’re always asking me to install my prepaid sub-meters, especially when they share a property. This way, nobody comes to tell them to pay extra and nobody cons them into spending money they shouldn’t. This is why prepaid is so popular right now – so many people are using these so they can manage their payments.” 

Busy is certainly the right word to describe Vicky’s business. His schedule is packed full of customers waiting on him to handle their installations and to ensure that their prepaid meters are managed properly. For Vicky, this is very important. He believes in making sure that his customer installations are carefully managed from the installation through to registration. 

“Service is important to me so the service I’m giving to my clients is good,” says Vicky. “They choose me because I have a good reputation and they never complain, always thanking me for the job I’ve done. And I believe I am doing a good job, working hard and helping them with their registration. I don’t leave until I am absolutely sure that their meters are ready.” 

The job is Vicky’s life. He is passionate about the work, his clients and the business. And he has a prepaid sub-metering solution favourite…

“I contribute to the development of South Africa because I am working, and I make a difference to people’s lives,” concludes Vicky. “The prepaid sub-metering business is perfect for South Africans because you pay for what you use and nobody can overcharge you. My favourite brand is Citiq Prepaid because since I started installing their products, I never have problems with my customers.”

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