There’s something to be said for the New Year. Even when there are challenges on the horizon, even when there are problems that must be overcome, this is the time to look to the future and find opportunities that can help you build your business and your career. Even though the pandemic is still a reality, there is room for optimism. For electrical contractors, this new year is a chance to invest in solid foundations for growth by investing in a relationship that will help you expand your business and your client base. 

“The next few months will be defined by change,” says Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “Changes to how the country operates within the constraints of the virus, and how businesses approach their clients. This is the perfect time for electrical contractors to explore new opportunities and to work with partners that can help them make the most of these opportunities.” 

The Citiq Installation Club (CIC) was developed by Citiq Prepaid in 2018 as a platform to support electrical contractors and wholesalers, providing them with additional resources and benefits that are relevant to their businesses and their industry. With the CIC, registered electrical contractors gain immediate benefits from their installation of Citiq Prepaid sub-metering solutions. 

“The CIC rewards contractors for their hard work and their commitment,” explains Scheepers. “They get points for every Citiq Prepaid sub-meter installed, and when they reach 20 points, they receive a cash voucher worth R500 that can be redeemed at their preferred Citiq Prepaid wholesaler. The more a contractor installs, the more they earn. And it rewards the wholesaler because they get the preferred business of those contractors registered on the CIC system.” 

Both wholesalers and retailers will need to register with the CIC to become part of the rewards programme. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy process, designed to use up as little of your free time as possible. Wholesalers benefit in that they can use the CIC to build long-standing relationships with trusted electrical contractors, and contractors benefit because they receive financial rewards for their hard work and loyalty. 

“The CIC doesn’t come with fine print, unnecessary delays or extensive paperwork,” says Scheepers. “But it does come with connections, partnerships and opportunities. Contractors that are part of the CIC are welcomed to a network of people that share the same commitment to quality, customer service, and prepaid sub-metering service delivery.” 

The CIC has seen steady growth over the past three years and has already had a tangible difference to the lives of contractors around the country. Some of Citiq Prepaid’s top installers are members of the CIC and have benefitted immensely from the platform and the rewards programme. Pride Rugwete installed 850 meters from July to November 2020, an impressive feat and one that was supported by his relationship with Citiq Prepaid. 

Citiq Prepaid sub-meters are so reliable, and the company is ethical in how they work with me and my customers,” says Pride. “They understand the prepaid sub-metering market and they are always on hand to answer my questions and to help my customers register for their prepaid electricity. Their call centre is quick and efficient – we don’t sit on hold for a long time – and their products are of high quality, which makes them the right choice for me and my business.”

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