“South Africa has a higher water consumption per capita than the world average, and yet we still use water irresponsibly,” said Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation, Lindiwe Sisulu. Conserving water and being mindful of how we use it has become more important than ever. Sustainable living is becoming the future of real estate. Many property developments are going as ‘green’ as possible with developments aiming for reducing scarce resources such as electricity and water and being overall more sustainable. At the end of the day, controlling water usage is all about being mindful and paying attention to you and your tenants’ consumption. While water levels may be stable in certain parts of the country, it is an ever-growing worry that water restrictions might rear its ugly head again anytime in the future. 

For many homeowners, landlords and tenants, monitoring utility usage can sometimes be difficult. However, we’ve noticed that water consumption drops significantly when prepaid water meters are installed to control water usage. This is because tenants have more control of their usage and how much they are spending on water. By saving water, both the landlord and tenant are lowering their environmental footprint and saving money at the same time.

Prepaid water meters enable tenants to be more mindful of their water usage because tokens for the meter are bought on a pay-as-you-go basis in advance. Not only does this encourage the tenant to be more conscious of controlling their water usage, but it also allows the tenant to budget more efficiently for the month. In estates and apartment blocks, each unit with a prepaid sub-meter pays for their own water consumption. This then allows a per-household supply with accurate readings and a transparent, online reporting system. 

Citiq Prepaid water meters work well for many scenarios. A tenant can buy tokens from the largest network of recharge outlets across South Africa. This means that tenants can easily recharge when needed. Tenants can access an online meter management portal that provides reports and data so they can control their water usage. This online system also gives landlords, building owners, and managing agents the transparency they need. Owners can now see which tenants are the highest water users and can, therefore, put processes in the place to conserve and control water usage. It’s a win-win for both parties involved.

Controlling water usage enables the tenant to be more conscious of saving the planet.  As the cost of energy and water rises, having an easier way to monitor usage becomes more and more needed. Installing a Citiq Prepaid meter is as simple as calling a certified plumber to install the meter, with no additional permission required from the municipality. The control lies with you, start saving today.

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