There are so many different loyalty programmes available in South Africa right now. You can be rewarded by leading retail outlets, by financial institutions, by your local shopping mall and the list goes on and on. But few organisations realise the importance of building a loyalty programme that’s focused on businesses and the people that run them. Whether a small, solo outfit run by a single, professional electrician or a company that employs numerous staff, everybody wants to feel that their work and contributions are valued and that their preferred suppliers recognise how hard they work.

Citiq Prepaid recognised that it was important to acknowledge how hard contractors, installers and wholesalers work and to give them something back in return. This is why we developed the Citiq Installation Club (CIC), a programme that rewards wholesalers and contractors for their passion and commitment to the Citiq Prepaid brand.

 “The programme has been designed to award points for every meter installed and registered on our system,” explains Carel Scheepers, General Manager: Sales at Citiq Prepaid. “When contractors reach 20 points, they will receive a cash voucher worth R500 that they can redeem at any Citiq Prepaid wholesaler.”

As a contractor, you are rewarded with one point for every Citiq Prepaid meter you register on our system. Once you’ve earned 20 points, you will receive a voucher worth R500 to spend at your preferred wholesaler or retailer. That’s it. The more you install and register, the more you earn.

“The CIC not only offers tangible, financial rewards for hard work and loyalty, but it comes with some extra features that really make it worth your while,” concludes Scheepers. “We are well on our way to creating the largest installer database, which we will use to geographically map areas of growth and potential, access to company and product information, and support from our two local call centres, tech support and regional business development managers (BDMs).”

What makes the CIC stand out, however, is not just the rewards it offers contractors and installers, but the fact that we also reward wholesalers and retailers. Every person and business in the value chain is recognised as an important part of the Citiq Prepaid success story.

For the wholesaler, the CIC is all about providing financial returns as a thanks for stocking and promoting Citiq Prepaid products. If you register for the programme by calling 087 55 111 55, you become a preferred wholesaler and this status rewards you for every contractor that selects you as their preferred wholesaler or retailer.

The benefit for the wholesalers that are part of this programme is simple – every contractor or installer that is part of the CIC and earns a voucher for their hard work, will spend that voucher in your store.

 Now, the important point to note here is that you need to have CIC-registered contractors using your business for the Citiq Prepaid meters in order to benefit from the CIC rewards system. To drive these sales, it’s a good idea to let contractors know about the loyalty programme and give them the information they need to join. After all, it benefits them just as much and it only takes five minutes to register.

“We’ve worked very hard to make the CIC registration and admin processes as quick and easy as possible,” says Scheepers. “We know that you have busy lives and really don’t need more paperwork or programmes that take up your time. What we’ve done is build a programme that rewards you for what you were doing anyway, adding no additional tasks but adding the bonus of rewards that add value.”

 The CIC has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. The steps are simple to follow, the rewards very achievable and accessible, and there’s no hidden fine print or unnecessary delays. CIC has already seen impressive growth since its inception. Contractors, installers and wholesalers have already benefited financially from what the programme has to offer, and Citiq Prepaid is committed to finding new value-added services to include in the CIC in the future.

 The number you want to call is 087 55 111 55 – phone the friendly Citiq Prepaid call centre to get started as a wholesaler or hand it over to your loyal contractors so they can benefit.

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