A problem that many property owners and managing agents face is the management and collection of electricity and water bills. However, this is not a problem exclusive to residential properties. Business Parks face the same issues especially since municipality bills are based on estimates some months, rather than actual readings. With business parks having a large number of rental units and various tenants, pinpointing high utility usage to a single unit is difficult. And if there is a payment dispute, business park owners still have to pay the monthly bills to ensure that all tenants are provided with ongoing services. The ideal prepaid solution for business parks are prepaid electricity and water meters.

Prepaid meters are an attractive option to companies looking for office space, especially startups and small businesses. Knowing how much to budget for each month using Citiq Prepaid meters is the perfect solution for utility bills. Many business parks benefit from choosing an ideal prepaid metering option like Citiq Prepaid because our solution tracks per unit usage patterns and raising red flags should they arise which benefits both tenants and management.

Tenants want to have a relationship built on transparency and trust with their managing agents and landlords and requires the ultimate prepaid solution that offers this. Citiq Prepaid is an ideal prepaid solution that massively reduces disputes and ensures transparency. This transparency helps build trust between landlord and tenant and helps quickly resolve usage and billing queries. Disputes are expensive and time consuming for both parties. Ideal prepaid solutions address the issue by ensuring that both tenant and management have a clear view of the spend and usage, can budget appropriately, and are paid on time.

With more and more companies choosing office space in business parks, it is becoming increasingly important that business parks provide prepaid solutions for utility billing. Prepaid meters not only minimise admin and stress, but maximise efficiency, transparency and payments. With Citiq Prepaid, business parks gain access to an ecosystem of prepaid meters, services, support and online data that are designed to streamline processes and transform utility management.

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