Citiq Prepaid is South Africa’s biggest and fastest growing prepaid meter and utility vending system providers to landlords, body corporates and property managers, property developers and electrical contractors.

There is great demand for Citiq Prepaid meters across South Africa. With a very large and active audience following us on social media, “where can we purchase a Citiq Prepaid meter” has become one of the most asked questions. At Citiq Prepaid we firmly believe that our wholesale and electrical retail partners’ success is our success, so we’ve put together five reasons why you should stock Citiq Prepaid electrical and water meters in your hardware and retail stores.

We help create the demand for you

Citiq Prepaid meters are not sold directly to the public, which means we always refer buyers to our wholesale partners. Our large national footprint ensures that buyers as well as the tenants using our meters are familiar with our products, which means the hard work of creating a demand for the product through marketing is already taken care off. With the majority of South Africans making cautious financial decisions, loyalty has become more important than ever. We created an innovative loyalty program called the Citiq Installation Club (CIC) which ensures contractors keep on buying from their preferred wholesalers because they are rewarded.

Quality stock that is always available

Customers are insisting on SABS approved prepaid meters, which are high quality, reliable and stable. This ultimately means less technical issues for both the landlord and tenant. Citiq Prepaid partners with recognised international prepaid meter manufacturers so you can stock the best high quality meters on your shelves. Our national distribution partners ensure stock is available as soon as you need it.

Dedicated business development team

When choosing to stock Citiq Prepaid meters in your store, our dedicated business development team will support your staff with training, technical information and advertising opportunities. You can take comfort in knowing that your sales team will be equipped with ample information needed to respond to your customers questions about Citiq Prepaid meters. We also offer support for any utility enquiries through our national call centre (situated in two cities). The call centre can be easily contacted via telephone, email and even WhatsApp seven days a week – making it as convenient for your customers as possible. Our call centre can assist you and your clients with any technical or product-related queries that they may have.

Technology Innovation

Because of the vending system behind our prepaid meters, Citiq Prepaid is the most requested prepaid metering systems in South Africa. Our prepaid meter systems use the latest technology and ensures both owners and tenants are able to efficiently manage monthly utility bills and payments. We have a strong technical team, which means we are constantly innovating and adding useful features for your clients.

Convenience and support

Citiq Prepaid meters is a trusted choice by many contractors because it’s easy to install and registering the meters can be done in a few minutes over a quick call with our call centre. Stocking our meters ensures no or very limited returns.

If you are looking to source and stock Citiq Prepaid meters in your store, please visit our contact page for more information on how to contact a Citiq Prepaid Business Development manager closest to you.