The Citiq Installation Club (CIC) is one of South Africa’s largest loyalty programs for prepaid sub-meter installers. We have been rewarding electricians and plumbers since 2018 by recognising the role they play when it comes to prepaid sub-meter installations. We’ve put together the top 5 questions asked by CIC members:

1. How do I earn points and know my progress?

Earning points with the CIC is easy. Simply buy Citiq Prepaid sub-meters from your preferred wholesaler and install them for a client. When registering the meter, you or the landlord need to ensure that you mention that you are a CIC member, and we will allocate the points per installation. Once you’ve installed 20 meters or reach 20 points, you will receive a voucher for R500 redeemable at your preferred wholesaler.

2. How and where do I redeem my CIC voucher/s?

Once you’ve installed 20 meters, you will receive your CIC voucher via email or SMS. To redeem the voucher, you need to go to your preferred wholesaler (as indicated when you signed up for the CIC) and be sure to redeem your voucher before it expires. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the CIC team via phone: 087 55 111 87 or email:

3. Where do I find my CIC number?

Your CIC number is a unique number allocated to your profile when you join the CIC. You will be given your CIC number when you join, and we recommend keeping this in a safe place. You could also keep it in your toolbox so it’s easily accessible after installation. If you’ve lost or forgotten your CIC number, simply call the CIC on 087 55 111 87, and the team will gladly assist you.

4. Can I register a Citiq Prepaid sub-meter on behalf of a client?

You can register a Citiq Prepaid sub-meter on behalf of the client, but we prefer that clients register their own meters since we require proof of identification, bank account details, proof of ownership and a council bill (to set the tariff correctly). If a client is happy to provide you with all of those details, then you can register the meter on their behalf. As a security precaution, we reserve the right to call them to verify that the information is correct.

5. How are prepaid recovery rates calculated?

While most of the money will go towards purchasing electricity, there are potentially a number of additional costs. Prepaid utilities from any provider attract additional charges due to the nature of the service. View our breakdown of costs here.

6. Do you offer training/resources?

We do not provide any physical training at the moment, but we do provide CIC members with tools and resources to grow their business. One of the resources available in the Installer Series covers everything from getting a DOL number to how to market your business. CIC members also get access to our Contractor Portal. The Contractor Portal has a range of free resources, including marketing flyers, social media posts that you can use and brochures for your clients. Lastly, we give you installation guides to ensure you easily and safely install Citiq Prepaid sub-meters. Being part of the Citiq Installation Club is like being part of a family; we are here to guide you and help grow your business.

For more information about the CIC and how you can join South Africa’s leading loyalty program for installers, please visit our website, and if you’re not a member, we encourage you to join. Joining is free and only takes a few minutes. Visit for more information.

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